Regional Co-operations among Regulators

Workshop Le Club Débat

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Amphitheatre Raymond Aron (2nd floor), Université Paris-Dauphine

Regulators are today increasingly involved in transnational cooperations organised at the regional level. Coordination within the EU is a case in point, but there are other many other settings to organize these networks. If some cooperations have a far-reaching scope, others may have more circumscribed goals. They may be responding to the need for a greater sharing of experiences and best practices, focusing on enhancing regulatory harmonization among countries, promoting coherent and consistent rule-making and enforcement, fostering consumer protection, or all of this at the same time. Other interesting questions concern the legal status of these regional networks of regulators, their membership types and modus operandi, the dedicated financial and human resources, the indicators they may put in place in order to qualify and assess their outcomes, as well as the specific challenges encountered.

The purpose of this workshop is to investigate the experiences, across several regions and industries, of different regulatory cooperations worldwide, in order to highlight the trends and the lessons that can be drawn.

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    Confirmed speakers

    • Alberto Biancardi (President, European Water Regulators - Wareg & Commissioner, Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water);
    • Antonio Capobianco (Senior Competition Expert, International cooperation in competition law and policy - OECD)
    • Carlos de Regulès (Executive Director, Mexican National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection of the Hydrocarbons Sector);
    • René Dönni Kuoni (Network of Telecommunications Regulators in Francophone Countries - FRATEL & Director of the Telecom Services Division, Swiss Federal Office of Communications);
    • Anatoly Golomolzin (Deputy Head, Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service & CIS competition authorities’ cooperation, Eurasian Economic Union); 
    • Veronica Lenzi (Research and Scientific Manager, Mediterranean Energy Regulators - MedReg);
    • Nikolai Malyshev (Head of the Regulatory Policy Division, OECD)
    • François-Louis Michaud (Deputy Director General of Micro-Prudential Supervision IV, European Central Bank);
    • Märt Ots (Chairman, Energy Regulators Regional Association - ERRA & General Director, Estonian Competition Authority);
    • Antoine Samba (Head of international affairs, French Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - ARCEP & Co-operation between Telecommunications Regulators of the Mediterranean area - EMERG)

    Organised in cooperation with the OECD Network of Economic Regulators


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