Academic Director

The Governance and Regulation Chair is directed by Eric Brousseau.

Brousseau_Eric_0.jpgEric Brousseau is Professor of Economics and Management as well as Director of the Doctoral School at Université Paris-Dauphine. He is one of the creators of the Masters degree in “Network Industries and Digital Economy” (IREN), jointly operated by Dauphine, Polytechnique, CentraleSupélec, TélécomParisTech and Université Paris-Sud. He is also the director of the “Telecom and Media Management” Masters programme (226) and in 2002 founded the Institutional and Organisational Economics Academy (IOEA). He served as Chairman of the International Society for New-Institutional Economics (2013-2014) and is an honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

His role : The Academic Director acts as the interface between all the Chair’s stakeholders and is responsible for the implementation of its work programme. He ensures that the founding agreement governing relations between the Chair and stakeholders is properly executed.

The programme manager

The programme is managed by Chiara Caccinelli.


Chiara is programme manager and researcher at the Governance and Regulation Chair. Before joining the Chair in February 2015, Chiara worked as project coordinator, managing editor and research dissemination expert at the European University Institute (Florence School of Regulation, 2011-2015). She was also responsible for the research dissemination of the EU-funded project THINK, which advised the European Commission (DG Energy) on a diverse set of topics. Previously, she worked as an analyst of European Affairs in the Italian think tank Equilibri (2009-2011). Chiara holds an MSc/MRes in Economics of Network Industries and Digital Economy from the University Paris-Dauphine (PSL Research University) and an MA in European Affairs from Università degli Studi di Perugia (Italy).

The Board

Each of the stakeholders – patrons, expert partners, institutional partners, the Steering Committee and the Director of the Chair, as well as the Fondation Paris-Dauphine – is represented in the Chair’s Board.

The Board members are: 

  • Éric Brousseau, academic director of the Chair, Professor of Economics & Management at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Hervé Alexandre, Professor of Finance at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Anne Epaulard, Professor of Economics at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • David Ettinger, Professor of Economics at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Henri Isaac, Lecturer  in Management at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Julien Jourdan, Professor of Strategy at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Thomas Pez, Professor of Public law at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Joëlle Toledano, Professor of Economics at CentraleSupélec ;
  • Alexis Tsoukias, Research Director at the CNRS and professor at the University Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Christophe Bonnery, for ENEDIS ;
  • Christophe Boutin, for ASFA ;  
  • Fabrice Dambrine, for CGE ;
  • Frédéric Deroin, for FDJ ;
  • Jean-Michel Figoli, for ENGIE ;
  • Philippe Pascal, for Groupe ADP ;
  • Raphael Poli, for SNCF ;
  • Blaise Rapior, for VINCI ;
  • Vincent Thouvenin, for RTE ;
  • Anne Yvrande-Billon (ARAFER), for the Club of Regulators ;
  • Angelos Souriadakis (Ylios), for experts partners ;
  • Sandra Bouscal, director of Fondation Paris-Dauphine ;
  • Jean-Luc Sauron, for Conseil d’Etat ;
  • Monique Saliou, for Cour des Comptes.

Its role:  The Board is responsible for defining the Chair’s programme of activities, determining the composition of the research team, establishing the annual budget and supervising the implementation of the defined work programme. It meets at least twice a year.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee brings together six academics involved in the Chair’s activities and who represent the diverse fields of expertise. It is composed of:

Its role:  The Steering Committee comprises members of the Chair’s academic team representing its primary areas of expertise. Its role is to advise the Academic Director in preparing the programme and overseeing its implementation. It meets four times a year.

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