Emeritus Professor, associated with the Governance and Regulation Chair, Member of the French National Digital Council (CNNUM)

Joëlle Toledano is Professor Emeritus, formerly Professor of Economics at the University of Paris Dauphine-PSL, associated with the Chair of Governance and Regulation. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Agence Nationale des Fréquences and two digital start-ups, as well as a member of the Conseil National du Numérique (CNNUM) and the Académie des Technologies.

Joëlle Toledano holds a doctorate in mathematics and a doctorate in economics. She had a dual career, in academia and in business, before developing a passion for public policy and regulation. She began her career as a research associate at the CNRS, then as a lecturer in economics at the University of Rouen. At the same time, she held various management positions in IT companies. In 1993, she joined La Poste group, where she was Director of European and National Regulation from 2001. In early 2005, she was appointed University Professor at the Ecole Supérieure d'Électricité (Supélec).

Joëlle Toledano was a member of the College of ARCEP (mid-2005-2011). In 2014, she submitted a report written at the request of the government, "Dynamic spectrum management for innovation and growth", to Ms Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs. She has published several books and numerous scientific and general public articles in the fields of macroeconomics, industrial economics and the economics and regulation of digital, electronic communications and postal services.


Online resources


Replay Jean-Noël Barrot, Pascal Belmin, Franziska Brantner, Eric BROUSSEAU, Lucas Eustache , Oliver Ganser, Martine Gouriet, David Krieff, Véronique Lacour, Oscar Lazaro, Borris Otto, Sébastien Picardat, Jakob Rehof, Amal Taleb, Hubert Tardieu, Joëlle TOLEDANO, Bert Verdonck, Yvo Volman, «Replay | Data sharing in Europe: DGA and DA, from legal consensus achievement to implementation by stakeholders», Read more


Research Paper Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Europe - United States: Convergence is not just around the corner», Annales des Mines, n° 18, Juin 2022 Europe – États-Unis : La convergence n’est pas pour tout de suite Read more
Research Paper Eric BROUSSEAU, Joëlle TOLEDANO, «What does the future hold for supplementary health insurance?», Risques : les cahiers de l'assurance,  Dossier – Quel avenir pour les complémentaires santé ? Published by Pierre-Charles Pradier | March 2022 | N° 129 Read more


GovReg Note Joëlle TOLEDANO, Eric BROUSSEAU, Alexandre Volle, «Regulatory supervision and competition in supplementary health insurance: a paradoxical system», Read more
GovReg Note Eric BROUSSEAU, Joëlle TOLEDANO, Alexandre Volle, Josette Guéniau, «Regulatory supervision and competition in supplementary health insurance: a paradoxical system», Read more


Synthesis Maya BACACHE, Eric BROUSSEAU, Anna BUTLEN, Jean-Yves OLLIER, Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Synthèse | La régulation des plateformes», Read more
Book Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Gafa - Let's take back the power!», Paris, Odile Jacob, 2020 Read more
Synthesis Eric BROUSSEAU, Thomas COURBE, Thierry Pech, Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Synthèse | Transformation numérique, transition écologique : quels enjeux de gouvernance ?», Read more
GovReg Note Sophie HARNAY, Frédéric MARTY, Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Competition and algorithmic risk: how should algorithms be regulated?», Read more


Research Paper Chiara CACCINELLI, Joëlle TOLEDANO, «Assessing Anticompetitive Practices in Two-Sided Markets: The Cases», Journal of Competition Law & Economics, Volume 14, Issue 2, 2018, Pages 193–234 Read more

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