Project « The evolution of economic regulation through the lens of regulated companies »

Chair Research

Creation : This working group, which will be launched in September 2021, is the starting point for a broader research programme being conducted by the Centre de Recherche Droit Dauphine (CR2D) at the University of Paris Dauphine-PSL, and led by Claudie Boiteau, Associate Professor at the Governance and Regulation Chair and Director of the Centre de Recherche Droit Dauphine (CR2D).

Composition : Professors of public law, economics and political science, public and private decision-makers, including members of the Club des Régulateurs and the Chair, depending on the subjects covered.

Themes : This working group was founded on the recognition that the regulatory framework put in place in the 90s needed to be revamped, given other current public policy concerns, whatever the sector under consideration, such as the ecological transition, the renovation of industrial networks and security in all its forms.

The need for a legal reflection, informed by economic and sociological approaches, on developments in economic regulation, in close association with the stakeholders, including first and foremost the regulated companies, has emerged as the common thread running through the workshops organised as part of this project.

Work organisation : 1 closed bimonthly workshop.

The topics covered in 2021 and 2022 were :

  • The regulated company faced with the economic/sanitary crisis 
  • Structure of the independent economic regulator: what institutional balances?  
  • Contracts and companies in regulated sectors 
  • Normativities and companies in regulated sectors  
  • Companies in regulated sectors and data 
  • Companies in regulated sectors and judges

Results : Collective work in preparation

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