The digital advertising market in the age of platforms

Chair Research Debate

Author(s) Théophile Megali
Publication type GovReg Note


    The digital advertising market is experiencing very strong growth, in stark contrast to the much more mixed situation in the traditional media. A trio of well-known platforms (Google, Facebook and Amazon) are posting unprecedented levels of revenue and enjoy a prominent position in this market.

    The Governance and Regulation Chair's GovReg Note published on this subject first looks at the genesis of this market and how it operates, summarised through a number of salient features (reign of the attention economy, omnipresence of data, automation of the buying/selling process), focusing on the model specific to the Google-Facebook-Amazon trio, generally summarised by the term 'walled garden'.

    This GovReg Note also analyses the central position of these platforms in the technical architecture of the market, and the way in which this gives them a stronger hold on the establishment of collectively applied technical standards, to their advantage. Faced with this situation, several avenues are explored for regulating the digital advertising market.

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