Strategic Foresight to Bolster Agile Rule Making

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Most regulations draw from ex-post notices of market failures or of competitors’ misbehaviours. Pushed by the impacted stakeholders, public authorities issue rules and establish oversight mechanisms. In an era of rapid technological change, and also characterised by the necessity to speed-up the response to the climate crisis, reducing the duration of the policy cycle is essential.

Due to their in-depth understanding of the industry’s and operators’ strategies, as well as thanks to their ties with the stakeholders, sectoral regulators can play a central role in contributing to the understanding of regulatory needs, especially by contributing to horizon scanning and scenario design. In a soft law approach, strategic foresight by regulators can also favour the convergence toward “focal points” — i.e. shared visions by the various players — that would allow coordination of strategies and implementation of the precautionary principle.

Complementing the Network of Economic Regulators discussion on the OECD Recommendation on Agile Regulatory Governance to Harness Innovation, the roundtable, jointly organised by the Dauphine Club of Regulators and the OECD-NER, discussed how regulatory authorities in various industries and countries contribute or organise sectoral foresight in the perspective of favouring more agile regulations.


  • Susanna Metsälampi, Leading legal adviser, Transport Systems Services, Transport and Communications Agency/Traficom, FINLAND
  • Maya Bacache, Member of the College, Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority/ARCEP, FRANCE
  • Dominique Jamme, Managing Director, Energy Regulatory Commission, CRE, FRANCE
  • Miguel Amaral, Senior Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, Public Governance Directorate, OECD, INTERNATIONAL APPROACH
  • Sandro Mendonça, Member of the Board of Directors, Portuguese Communication Authority, ANACOM, PORTUGAL
  • Samuel Omolade, Head of Regulatory Horizons Council Team, Better Regulation Executive/Regulatory Horizons Council, UNITED KINGDOM

Introduction and facilitation by Eric Brousseau, Director of the Governance and Regulation Chair and of the Club of Regulators, Dauphine.

Concluding words by Martha Baxter, Policy Analyst, Regulatory Policy Division, Directorate for Public Governance, OECD.



Download here the report (conference synthesis)

Watch here the full replay of this on line conference on our YouTube channel


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