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Eric Brousseau


Eric Brousseau is Professor of Economics and Management as well as Director of the Doctoral School at Université Paris-Dauphine. He is one of the creators of the Masters degree in “Network Industries and Digital Economy” (IREN), jointly operated by Dauphine, Polytechnique, CentraleSupélec, TélécomParisTech and Université Paris-Sud. He is also the director of the “Telecom and Media Management” Masters programme (226) and in 2002 founded the Institutional and Organisational Economics Academy (IOEA). He served as Chairman of the International Society for New-Institutional Economics (2013-2014) and is an honorary member of the Institut Universitaire de France.


Hervé Alexandre

Alexandre - Copie.jpg Professor (Finance) | University Paris-Dauphine


Jean Beuve

Jean Beuve photo.jpgLecturer (Economics) | University Paris-Sorbonne,
Science advisor | Economic Analysis Council


Claudie Boiteau

Boiteau.pngProfessor (Public Law) | University Paris-Dauphine
Co-director of the Master Law & Market Regulation | University Paris-Dauphine


Eschien Chong

Chong.pngLecturer (Economics) | IAE Paris
Economist | Competition Authority


Anna Creti

Creti.jpgProfessor (Economics) | University Paris-Dauphine
Senior Researcher (Economics Département) | Ecole Polytechnique
Associate Researcher | UC3E, Berkeley and Santa Barbara, California


Georges Decocq

decocqProfessor (Law) | University Paris Dauphine

Sophie Harnay

HARNAY_Photo.jpgProfessor (Economics) | University Paris Nanterre
Member of EconomiX UMR 7235

Adrien de Hauteclocque

Law Clerk with Vice-President M. van der Woude at the Court of Justice of the European Union (General Court), Luxembourg
Principal Advisor, Florence School of Regulation, European University Institute RSCAS
Invited Professor, HEC Paris (France)

Daniel Herrera

Daniel HERRERA photo.jpgDaniel Herrera-Araujo, assistant professor at the Université Paris-Dauphine, is affiliated at the Governance and Regulation Chair. Daniel’s research interests currently focus on the interaction of market forces within the hospital care sector. Daniel holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Toulouse School of Economics.

Anne Epaulard

anne_epaulard2.jpg Professor (Economics) | University Paris Dauphine
Associate Researcher | LEDa
Science Advisor | France Stratégie
Member of the supervisory college & Vice-president of the Scientific Council | ACPR
President of the evaluation committee | AFD


David Ettinger

Ettinger.pngProfessor (Economics) | University Paris-Dauphine
Director | LEDa
Researcher | CEREMADE
Associate Researcher | Cirano, Montreal (Canada)


Laurence Folliot-Lalliot

Folliot-Lalliot.pngProfessor (Public Law) | University Paris Ouest
Director of the Master Economics Law & co-director | CRDP (Centre de recherches en droit public)
Expert for the European Commission, CNUDCI & OCDE


Zsuzsanna Fluck

Fluck.pngProfessor (Finance) | University Paris-Dauphine & Michigan State University


Henri Isaac

henri_isaac2.jpg Vice-President « Digital transformation » | University Paris-Dauphine


Julien Jourdan

julien_jourdan2.jpg Professor (Strategy) | University PSL-Paris Dauphine
Associate Researcher | DRM finance


Emmanuel Lazega

Lazega.pngProfessor (Sociology) | Science-Po
Head | Observatoire des Réseaux Intra- et Inter-Organisationnels


Sophie Méritet

Sophie MÇritet.pngLecturer (Economic Science) | University Paris-Dauphine
Affiliate Professor | Sciences Po Paris & Professor | IFP, Essec, ENA


Yannick Perez

perezLecturer | University Paris Sud et Supélec.


Alessandro Riboni

Riboni.pngProfessor (Economics) | Ecole Polytechnique


Stéphane Saussier

Saussier.jpgProfessor (Management) & Director of the Chair "Economie des Partenariats Public Privé" | IAE Paris


Jérôme Sgard

Sgard.pngProfessor | Science-Po


Carine Staropoli

Staropoli.pngLecturer | University Panthéon-Sorbonne
Deputy Director | "Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne" (UMR 8174)


Joelle Toledano

toledanoProfessor (Economics) | CentraleSupélec
Co-director of the Master IREN | University Paris-Dauphine
Former member of the Council | ARCEP


Alexis Tsoukiàs

Tsoukias.jpgResearch Director | CNRS
Director of LAMSADE | University Paris-Dauphine

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